Forklift operator course
  • Forklift operator course

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  • - forklift driver license (2 days) 
  • - aerial work platform driver license (1 category)
  • - continuous training for truck drivers
  • - gift voucher valid for all courses
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Forklift operator course (2 days) 

This SUVA-approved course allows you to drive tiller trucks and forklifts. The licence issued is valid throughout Switzerland.

Aerial work platform driver's license (1 category)

This IPAF-approved course allows you to drive 1 category of aerial work platforms. There are a total of 4 categories of aerial work platforms. The license issued is valid in all countries.

Truck Driver Course - continus training

Continuous training for truck drivers is mandatory. We offer a range of one-day courses during the weekend. It is also possible to attend these courses during the week for Fr. 40.- less.

Gift voucher valid for all courses

Not sure you're choosing the right course? Just give a NEUWERTH gift voucher, it is valid on all courses for 5 years.