Stainless steel hand pallet truck
  • Stainless steel hand pallet truck
  • NESLIFT NL 2000 I

Stainless steel pallet truck

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2.0t or 2.5t stainless steel hand pallet truck against cold and humidity

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NESLIFT NL 2000 inox

The hand pallet truck NL 2000 BD stainless steel is designed for extreme use. It is not afraid of cold and humidity and is not affected by corrosive environments.

The ergonomic tiller makes it easy to lift and steer the pallets, while the stainless steel coating reduces the risk of bacteriological attacks. The sturdy construction and the reliable jack guarantee a long service life and low maintenance costs.

All parts are galvanized, including hydraulic pump, frame and handle.

NL 2000 I

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