Sales terms and conditions


1. Application

a.    The following conditions apply to all sales made at based on the latest updated version. They regulate the terms of sale, payment and delivery. Neuwerth Logistics SA has the right to review these conditions, while the customer can request a copy of the terms and conditions of sale at any time.

b.    Other agreements such as special terms negotiated with our representatives or terms of purchase by the buyer are valid only if confirmed in writing.

c.     While the is an online store primarily for professionals (B2B), sales to individuals are also allowed (B2C). These conditions apply in both cases.

d.    These Terms and Conditions apply only to transactions in Switzerland and the Principality of Lichtenstein. For export, the commercial department of NEUWERTH Logistics SA is available under other conditions.

e.    Only the French version of these conditions is authentic.


2. Product specifications, sales documents, and contract

a.    All product descriptions, technical data, drawings, photos, videos are copyrighted. NEUWERTH Logistics SA or the manufacturer that represents it in Switzerland owns it. Any copy, modification or transmission without our written consent is prohibited.

b.    The descriptions, technical drawings, technical features, product illustrations, videos, flyers and catalogs of the store are a non-binding product presentation, unless there is a special agreement confirmed in writing. NEUWERTH does not guarantee that the content of its site is error-free.

c.     The offers displayed are not binding. They apply within the available stock limit. Any errors are reserved.

d.    The sale is made as soon as NEUWERTH Logistics sends the confirmation of the order to the customer via email, email or fax. To do this, the customer must first fill out the cart, then click the "Confirm order" button and make the payment according to the method chosen.


3. Price is a shop for professionals. All prices include:

a.    Francs

b.    Nets and no tub

c.     Price starts from our warehouse in 1957 Ardon

d.    Transportation, pallets and packaging, insurance and certificate are paid for by the customer.

e.    Any tax or tax is the customer's responsibility


4. Payment Terms

Payment in advance or at the time of withdrawal of goods from our premises, without any discount:

a.    Secure online payment with SIX Payment Services / 3-D Secure :- Mastercard / Visa- Twint

b.    Bank transfer for the entire invoice before the shipment/withdrawal of goods:- Credit Suisse, Avenue du Midi 12, 1950 Sion, IBAN CH17 0483 5073 9782 3100 0, Swift CRESCH-80A, Clearing 4835, Account 739782-31

c.     When withdrawing goods:- cash- Master, Mastercard, Visa, Vpay, Postcard or American Express.

5. Terms and delivery times

a.    Prices are included from our Ardon warehouse, without packaging:- removal of goods in Ardon- delivery to be arranged by Ardon with the carrier of your choice.

b.    Transportation is the customer's responsibility. You can choose the delivery options in your cart: - delivery from truck (tariffs according to the umbrella association ASTAG) - delivery by mail, only for small parcels (rates according to La Poste)

c.     Any other means of transport possible. It will have to be confirmed in writing by all parties.

d.    Partial deliveries are possible, with separate invoices.

e.    A postponement of the announced delivery times does not allow the customer to break the contract.

f.     The delivery is at the delivery address indicated by the customer. If the customer has indicated an incorrect or incomplete address, the resulting costs are borne by the customer.

g.    On request and the buyer's expenses, the goods are insured against shipping risks to the extent indicated by the buyer and to the extent possible.

h.    The apparent defects must be reported on the delivery bulletin and we will be reported in writing or email within 8 days. It is imperative to identify transport damage or losses before signing the delivery bulletin.

i.      Free commissioning is organized during delivery, at the request of the customer. More comprehensive training, such as obtaining a driver's license or pod operator, is billed separately.

6. Reserve

a.    In the case of resale of a machine abroad, outside of Switzerland and the Principality of Lichtenstein, no responsibility of NEUWERTH Logistics SA can be borne.

b.    The manufacturer's instructions mentioned in the user's manual delivered with the machine must always be followed.

7. Claim

a.    Any complaint must be sent to us in writing or email within 8 days of delivery.

8. Warranty

a.    The guarantee is 12 months or 1,500 hours of work (consider the criterion reached first).

b.    In the event of a breach covered by the warranty, Neuwerth offers at its discretion a free repair of the product or its replacement with another identical copy. Any exchange or acquisition is possible only after the written agreement of NEUWERTH Logistics SA. Finally, if both parties agree, you can also resolve the case with a discount.

c.     Any warranty defects must be announced in writing or by email within 8 days.

d.    Damage caused by normal wear, inadequate maintenance, overload, poor commissioning, intensive use, accident, force, use contrary to the requirements of the operating manual, chemical or electrolysis, natural damage (lightning, water, fire, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.

e.    Repairs made by third parties and/or any machine modification not approved by the manufacturer exclude any claim as collateral.

f.     Replacement batteries and spare parts are subject to their own special sales conditions.

g.    NEUWERTH Logistics SA is not liable for claims for economic damages such as compensation for discontinuation of operations, loss of earnings, interest and possible contractual penalties.

h.    If you have any problems, the AFTER-sale service NEUWERTH is at your side, from registering the complaint to resolving the issue (Tel. 027 305 33 33).

8. Applicable law

a.    Swiss law regulates any legal relationship between NEUWERTH Logistics SA and the customer. The Vienna Conventions (CVIM-CISG) and any other international agreement do not apply

b.    The lawyer is the District Court of Zion

c.     In the event that certain provisions of these CDVs are partially or completely null, this does not change into the nullity of the contract as a whole.

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