• Optional interior foam available
  • Different possible profiles
  • rotection from 100 to 900 mm
  • Pillar protection in the warehouse

Pillar protection

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BOPLAN KP Protector

The best collision protection for load-bearing pillars and columns! Column and abutment protections with high compressive strength, capable of absorbing and dampening the impact of a collision to prevent structural damage to the abutment.

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Protection for supporting pillars and columns

A protection for round load-bearing pillars or columns with an H-shaped beam. This pillar protection prevents you from damaging masts, load-bearing pillars and columns in factories and warehouses as a result of a collision. The KP Protector consists of two parts that you can easily close around the pillar.

After an impact, this pillar protector retains its shape, appearance and characteristics.

Easy assembly

Each protection is composed of two parts that attach around your column or pillar. They are then held in place with strong Velcro straps. If you wish to hold your KP Protector in place, the bolts are carefully positioned behind the Velcro strips.

Two installation options. By turning the angle of the KP Protector slightly, different recesses are available to better fit your column.


For smaller and non-standard concrete columns, we offer an additional foam filling as an option. This accessory provides additional shock absorption capabilities and fits perfectly on smaller columns and pillars.

KP Protector