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BOPLAN Bollard Impact

Posts for areas with frequent collisions. With its large diameter, this post is capable of absorbing frequent impacts.

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Bollards for high collision locations

The BO Impact pole has a larger diameter than its little brother, the BO Light. This is why the BO Impact is the flexible post that we install by default in places where there is a frequent risk of impact, such as near doors, entrances, facade corners and machines.

Protection in flexible materials and perfectly visible colors

The BO Impact posts of the FLEX IMPACT® range of bollards are available in a variety of bright colors and with different patterns and color combinations so that they are perfectly visible depending on the situation and environment of use. With its large diameter, this post is capable of absorbing frequent impacts. Thanks to the flexibility of their plastic components, these posts bend in the event of a collision and then return to their original shape. Repairs following impacts are therefore limited to their strict minimum. The BO Impact can also be used as a sign post or bollard.


- Rotor for BO Impact: to be installed on the outside of your protection post to deflect the impact. When a vehicle collides with the protective pole, the outer rotor will rotate to deflect the impact and reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle.

Bollard Impact

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200 x 1'200 mm